Europa Universalis at PDXCon and Arcon

Last month we went to PDXCon in Stockholm to present the prototype for the upcoming Europa Universalis board game to die hard fans of the computer game series. This was the first time we had a chance to show what we have been working on to a wider audience – it was a lot of fun (and quite intense)! We got loads of great feedback, which has been really helpful to us in the continued development process.

One of the people who took the time to play a demo session at PDXCon was PC Gamer writer Jon Bolding. His preview based on that demo and our chat with him was published on the PC Gamer web site just short of two weeks ago. One of the many great quotes from that article that we particularly like was this one:

I’ll likely lay down the cash and entire weekend required to try it out when they get this thing designed, published, printed, and shipped to my door.

Here are some photos from the demo sessions at PDXCon for you to enjoy:

Next up for us now is the Arcon tabletop gaming convention in Oslo, which kicks off tomorrow. Here we will be demoing Europa Universalis on Saturday 23 June from 4 pm to 9 pm (16:00–21:00).

Tomorrow already we will be running sessions for our other upcoming game Crazy Neighbors from 7 pm till midnight. Crazy Neighbors will come to Kickstarter in the not too distant future, and the game is in the final stages of development. Naturally we will be hosting these sessions in the convention pub area, as this is a proper beer-and-pretzels game of fun and nasty take-that action.

Also we will be there all of Saturday and Sunday to talk to gamers, play games and demo our prototypes, so just look for the Aegir Games T-shirts and ask us anything.

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