EU:TPoP | Defying Destiny Pre-Launch Reservation

Deposit for the upcoming Gamefound campaign for Defying Destiny expansion and reprint of Europa Universalis: The Price of Power – incl. Promo Perk on Campaign.

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Not Available For Sale

    Denne kombinasjonen eksisterer ikke.

    Terms and Conditions
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

    How does the Reservation work?

    The full reservation amount will appear as Credits on your User Profile for the upcoming Gamefound Campaign for the EU:tPoP reprint + Defying Destiny expansion, where you can spend it on rewards and add-ons that you wish to add to your pledge.

    Receive a cool Promo-item

    By making a Pre-Launch Reservation and registering as a Follower on the Gamefound Preview Page, you will get access to the following promo item for free if you go on to back the Gamefound campaign. It will ship together with your other campaign pledge items.

    We have called it Flavor Pack 1: Britainnia, and it consists of 9 brand new Event Cards centered on the British Isles and Ireland. 5 of these Events are alternative Events for England, and the other 4 are generic B-Events. All of these can be used to mix things up a little and add variations to existing scenarios, or to form a basis for your own scenario-creations.


    The cards in this Promo-pack will not be included in the Defying Destiny Expansion itself, but for those who did not make a Pre-Launch Reservation, this item will be available for purchase in the pledge manager (as long as there is stock remaining).


    Should you later decide not to back the campaign, you can contact us by 31 December 2024 to get this deposit refunded in full.